Monday, November 26, 2018

City of Brides: The Perfect Place to Find Love

“Ukraine holds wonders, especially with its women. Know why Nikolaev is called the “City of Brides” and why they are worthy of a lasting marriage.”

A beautiful landscape of Nikolaev: the city of brides.

Ukraine is a European country which stands out for its beauty, rich heritage, and an ever growing tourism industry. Its capital city is Kiev and is the center of the country’s industrialization and commerce. Situated in the Eastern part of Europe, Ukraine is known for maintaining a balance between modernization and heritage. Its rich history and colorful tradition are in full display in one of its most prominent cities, Nikolaev.

Nikolaev or Mykolaiv is located in the Southern part of Ukraine and is known to be the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea. This is where most transportation hubs such as seaports, airports, and railway junctions are stationed. This city is also one of the commercial networks of the country, having a commercial port based in the area.

Aside from the aggressive development it has been experiencing for years, Nikolaev also takes pride in its people. Friendly, hospitable, and accommodating are just a few of the many traits that its people have, and due to this, the city has become a prominent tourism hub in the country.

First founded in 1789, Nikolaev is rich in history and culture. The city’s moniker, City of Brides, resulted from a significant event in the country’s history. In the 1800s, the city’s founder, Prince Grigory Potemkin summoned single women of beauty and substance from neighboring villages to be wed to the city’s shipbuilders.
A beautiful Nikolaev woman.
Today, many single men travel to Nikolaev with the hopes of meeting gorgeous, single Nikolaev women for marriage. Apart from their natural beauty and grace however, they hold many traits that men from all over the world find most appealing.

Here are some of the traits that the women from the city of brides are most proud of:

  • Traditional yet open-minded

One of the most distinct attributes of single Nikolaev women is how traditional they are. This includes being respectful to the traditions that were passed down to them from their ancestors. These women often have a traditional mindset when it comes to their role as a partner, mother, and citizen in society.

Despite their apparent conservatism, these ladies are also open-minded when the situation deems it fit. They may act reserved around their male counterparts, but they are open to new ideas and cultures too. While modern Ukrainian women are able to adapt to today’s world, they still maintain their most treasured beliefs.

  • Family-oriented

Being family oriented is basically embedded in these women’s DNA. Nikolaev women put their families above all else. They make sure that they are able to give enough support to every member of their family.

They love and nurture their parents, they care for their siblings, and love spending time with their relatives. You will never be short-changed of devotion if you marry a Nikolaev lady. You can expect her to express her affection towards you in both words and actions.

  • Marriage-minded

Having a marriage-minded wife is already a blessing in itself. You can be sure that Nikolaev brides are faithful and devoted lifetime partners. These women are known to be dedicated wives who put their families’ needs first.

Finding love is never an easy quest. It takes courage, good pacing, and a bit of luck to find the one. Once the stars align for you however, it’ll all be worth the wait and effort. It’ll make your search a whole lot easier too, if you knew where to start your hunt.

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